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EOS100 vs Pollini Thor 80


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IMO 12.5kg isn't light at all for an 80cc engine. The Top 80 would be lighter. I have an EOS 100 Booster on order and it should arrive in a month. Unfortunately I won't have much of a chance to review it for another few months since I leave for Japan immediately afterwards for skiing :(. I feel like the EOS Booster really needs more reviews and public commentary on it.

I compiled a lot of info into a spreadsheet (click on the 'motors' tab)



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I see you have skybox top of your weight list. Have a look at the AC universal frame. I calculate an EOS booster to be 15.7kg ready to fly. I call is 16kg to be on the safe side, a few bolts + hand throttle.


I flew the original EOS, engine seemed nicely made, easy on the power. im quite interested in the ultra ultra light setup. I would 100% advise an e-prop for the little engine. Heavy props on small engine really affects the acceleration, also if you jump on the throttle the clutch slips more on the heavy prop, where as the e-prop grips and spins up. It was quiet and progressive on the throttle.

power is ok. original eos about the same as a top80. at 85kg I flew it with 22gtx and it was ok on slow trims. OK as in it worked, not great. On the 23 magnetic it was better as that wing has more lift. 

My only reason not to fly it was the power from my AC130 at the time was really high compared, now on the Nitro. For really light pilots I think the Booster should be a winner.


Compared to Thor80, the service from EOS is excellent, they are interested and willing to help or advise etc. Polini are the opposite, deny deny deny, with a history of burning holes in pistons I have no confidence in them. I also think, why add the extra complication of a radiator and added weight of water. The thor80 looks a bit rampy on power. I haven't handled one myself and not heard any bad reports yet. I would choose top80 or EOS myself. Then Easy100, EVO 100, Snap, electric motor, rubber band. Actually a Nitro is 1kg less than thor80 ;) but not really for lighter pilots.





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