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Nivuik Kougar 2


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I have had a Nivuik Kougar 2 size 23 up on Demo for the last Fortnight. I was blessed with frosty calm weather so got a lot of flying done. All my launches were in 0 to 2 mph conditions and this wing is so easy to inflate and even nil wind launches were easy. I only managed one reverse launch as wind was so light. On level straight flight there is no oscillation and rocking my body about I could not induce an oscillation. I got about 3 mph increase in speed when I let trims out and another 5 mph on the bar to give me a top speed of 33 mph at 130kg clip in weight, how accurate my recordings are I not sure. I loved the 2D steering set up and this wing is agile if wing tip steering line length is set up to your preference. I have flown a lot of wings and I could not fault this one.




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4 hours ago, cas_whitmore said:

How does 2D steering work , is it all the time or just trims out . 

Cas . 

My understanding....to try and simplify it (because there are so many variables)...if you pull the brake line straight down towards your hip, that deflects the trailing edge more towards the centre....if you push your brake line out and down at say 45 degrees....that will act like tip steering and give you a tighter rate of turn, but reducing the amount of deflection on the the inner part of the trailing edge. Obviously there are countless combinations in between which will come with experience and affect the performance of the wing.

Yes it works all the time, but depending on the manufacturers advice, if you have trims all the way out....tip steering only.

More experienced pilots will be able to expand or ridicule my explanation....Cheers. 

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