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Leaderboard. Who, what, why???

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Once again, we have another new thing. :-)

It's a part of a bigger software update but a feature which although I can think of no good reason for at the moment, I quite like it! :-)

It's designed to better highlight the most active members and content based on reputation and other metrics like, how many people have read the persons content, how long for, how many shared a link to it and so on. (I don't fully understand it yet but it's quite clever) :-)  



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So if my understanding is correct of this new rating system and I do not for one moment imply that I do, then a person who is very active in posting  on matters various and using many words where one may suffice using the common language that I hasten to add is not mine, to explain a point or to ask a question in depth far beyond that which is needed or indeed to reply to a post in great detail as they understand the question at that point in time, notwithstanding that a previous post may have answered it.

I may well be wrong in my understanding of the matter then one assumes correctly or incorrectly that points are awarded for the  length of the post and the bravery of the others that are prepared to wade through the text to grasp the direction of the comments and indeed points to the person that can use more than one finger at a time on a keyboard, however the other as yet unknown variables are as yet to be disclosed.I shall wait with baited breath to see the outcome.

so does this get points Simon

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i noticed this the other day but didn't click the link in Si's original post :S, but have now just done so have more understanding of this new rating.

I think its a good idea as many days i visit and think its been rather quiet in the forum, and after looking to see who is or has been online and then thinking that not much has happened.

But do think Sandmans reply of the understanding was very funny as it sounds like my kind of reply and sarcasm 9_9, and Hodders the cheeky monkey should be on the minus point scheme for misinterpreting (trying to bending) the post count :P.


That said now off to read the latest posts hoping its more than 2 B|.

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Ever since the paramotorforums closed I would have expected the traffic here to be busier.

Maybe the forum traffic is all going into the facebook groups?

The nice thing about forums is that the information remains easily searchable unlike facebook groups. One of the reasons I'm so glad Simon took teh trouble to import the old forums into this new site.

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