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How fast is your wing ?

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I would be interested in building a graph of actual wing speeds. With enough data we could get a mean average speed, a number anyone could work from to estimate their expected speed.

To collect data we would need.

All up weight. Wing make and size. Speed at slow trim, fast trim, speedbar.

It would be great to see a real picture of what speeds people are getting.

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Best method is to use a TAS probe https://www.flymaster-avionics.com/products/tas

Isn't the data from the manufactures enough? ~+-2 km/h. From my understanding it's hard to get it accurate since there are too many factors involved. According to PPGpS and my Garmin Virb Ultra, I fly everything between backwards and 105 km/h depending on wind.

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Paramania GTX 24  clip in 130KG  slow trim 28mph  fast trim 33 mph  bar 38 mph

Nivuik Kougar 2  23m  clip in 130kg  slow trim 25 mph fast trim 28 mph  bar 33 mph

These speeds were using gps into and down wind averages done a few times but still wont be 100 per cent acurate



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For me Yes, the Magnetic burns less as it has no reflex the whole wing surface is still in efficient mode.  It is also slower at fast trim than my GTX22.

To me, reflex gives a heap of safety while sacrificing efficiency, im not a wing designer but to my mind floppy cloth must cause drag if its not being used. That said the full fast on my magnetic asks more from the engine than GTX did at full fast, GTX top speed for me was 68kmh from memory, which is why I never quoted it before.


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