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Corsair or Simonini?


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Would you please help me to find a paramotor engine suit best for me.

My body weight is 60kg, height 164cm. Altitude of my place is 13m. I will use Foot launch to take off. No electric start is needed. Need good climbing rate. 

The options with the availability in my locality is either Corsair or Simonini engines?  And with my body weight I find Black Magic M19Y of Corsair is best suitable for me. But Corsair company is saying in their website that they are going to discontinue this engine. If it occurs after my purchase I will face huge difficulty in having spare parts. But then the next option which will be left is Simonini's Colibri which is quite bigger in terms of 138 cc  and  65kg thrust concerning my body weight. 

Seeking you wise advice please. 

with regards

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