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I'm new and have some questions.


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Hello everyone!

My name is Alex and I'm new to this forum, I am very interested in starting paramotoring but I haven't started lessons yet. I'm looking to get lessons and get my club pilot in January hopefully.


I have done a lot of research but have been unable to find any answers to some questions I have, I hope you can help.


I live in Wembley in London, I have been unable to find a nearby paramotor club once I complete my training. I used the clubfinder and the closest club I could find was over an hour away and I was hoping for one a bit nearer than that. Does anybody know of a club in or near north or northwest London?


I did, however, find an airfield (Elstree airfield) only 20 mins drive away (perfect!) but I don't know what the drill is with airfields. Are you allowed to just show up there and fly? Are there typically on the day fees? Yearly membership fees?


any help would be great!




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hi Alex my name is Gary, like you I was looking for a club to join, there's a club called footflight, they have a field out at Braintree and mersea island, if you contact Alex yes same name, he will put you right, going to Braintree myself on sat if weather ok

call him on mobile  0795870837

home 01376323367

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your main issue will be airspace around your area....   I run Sussex Paramotors just south of chichester, We don't Train new pilots but have a huge site in Hambrook and we do take newly trained pilots under our wing to make sure there safe to fly before letting them loose in our area...  For our customers i generally advise them to train abroad as they can get trained to BHPA standard in a shorter time.  If you would like any advice please feel free to call me on 07867317307


I would highly recommend Alex from Footflight if your looking to learn in the UK...   

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Thanks a lot of the replies, I will definitely check out Footflight for training and a club to join.

Any advise for the airfield question I had? Although I definitely want to join a club and get to know people, a 2 and a half hour round trip to Footflight is definitely more of a planned journey rather than a last minute idea. Being able to just pop to my nearest airfield would be super convenient.

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If foot flight is 2h30m away you may want to think about going over to Spain to train and get it done in a couple of weeks in the SUN!!   

Barry Gardeners field in Guildford would be closer for flying but is £10 a day.. 

Andy shaw at green dragons.. this is £150+ a year 

Simon Westmore PMC 

There are not really "Clubs" most are just a group of guys who fly together... Meeting other pilots can be tricky for new pilots, It's best to get your training done and go to fly in's and meet people that way...   

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