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fresh breeze simonini how to start!!


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I have 2 fresh breeze simonini paramotors, I bought one for the USA and one to send to my other home in the uk, they are both about 2 years old.

I've had them both running, one when I bought it and the other when training.

I've not used either for a month or so.

I just hooked one up to my new trike and cannot start it. So went and tried the other and cannot start that either.

They both have bing carbs, no ball or anything to prime fuel with. I am turning on fuel, not priming anything and trying the pull cord with and without choke and with and without gas. (im in florida)

am I missing something obvious or am I just too weak to start this?? I remember starting and restarting easily out in the field training.

I did remove spark plug to check it was getting fuel and it was soaked. (flooded??)

I'd be very grateful for any pointers,



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You nailed it Simon, thanks for the advice. freed it up and started instantly. Now I have a smaller problem I home someone can help with.

One runs fine, the other only runs with choke on, as soon as I turn choke off, it slowly dies. they both have bing carbs, I had a quick tinker with the idle and mixture screws but don't really know what I am doing. I can increase and decrease the rpm with the idle screw.

Is there a simple procedure to adjust these so they stay running once choke is off please?


thanks in advance for any replies and great forum btw.

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