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Just a thought and a Suggestion for the next Fly-In


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We all know that there are few of us who are experienced in 2 strokes motors and a lot that are not.

Would it be a good for the sport and a good time slot for a non-flying period if a person or even a couple of guys do a maintenance class?  Typically, basic starting problems, servicing or even replacing parts.  I am sure the students will pay by beer or even a donation to the instructors.

You can even extend this to aerodynamics, why a wing stalls etc etc  Or even the weather  the subjects can go on and on.

This would increase the knowledge for the students (including me) and look great for newbies, just having a look around.

I know Simon would love to organise this.  If this can be done professionally it would be a winner J


What do you think????  

Let's make the next Fly-In a flying one and if not possible a learning one - well worth the subscription then..



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12 hours ago, cas_whitmore said:

sure it would work . What about having a old motor to pull apart while talking about what does what .

cas .


Exactly what I mean - If will know it might be a shitty day, it will still be worth coming - always learning

Come on guys - give Simon the heads up on it!!

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I would be very interested. I watched Cas service my Simonini, but he won't always be there. 

It would be great to have some training. I like the other topics too, weather, how to interpret forecasts, met charts TAF/METARs etc. would be very useful.

Beside, the next best thing to flying is talking about flying...


Thanks to Tony for suggesting it.

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I've attended a couple of Simon's really useful met/aero/VFR rules sessions but a motor maintenance/repair/service session is a brilliant idea - I've messed around replacing piston rings and bearings on an old pushrod 4 stroke sat in a Spitfire 1500 (my 1st car), but I'd love to know more about tuning and maintaining/repairing a high performance 2 stroke.

Happy to contribute beer to anyone who puts together such a thing.

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Sounds a great idea. I am an engineer and have re-built many engines (and gearboxes!). I used to build mini 1480 racing engines. Whilst this is all great knowledge, I have as yet to take a 2-stroke to bits! A fly-in with some practical lessons as well?

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