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Hi all

i plan to go flying in Iceland in 2017, and i m looking for infos..

i went there last august riding an off-road motorbike, and took all the F roads as possible - so i got a good idea from the ground, but now it s time to check it out from the sky

for the ones who have been flying in Iceland  ( or lives there & fly!)- i ll be happy to have good  feedback about the best period - weather wise :) .?  and all tricks, and infos  will be welcome.

i m flying in Africa www.nkprojects.net for a long time, so harsh environments are not an issue for me.

thanks in advance!


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I flew in Iceland couple of years ago, have been there for three times..

I would say you should not fly alone without local pilots, it does not matter how experienced you are.

it can be calm weather, than 60 miles per hour wind so you can hardly walk, than good weather so you can fly. And it's all in one day. That is my personal experience. You may be lucky so the weather is stable but - again - it would be gambling to do it alone. Another issue that the weather differs greately within the short distances.

Here is a club to start with.


PS Flyng there is phenomenal... sorry, still have not managed to make a decent clip from the videos I made there...



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