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Absolutely required tools for disassembly of engine and carb?


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Well, after having my engine get denied by the airline and deciding that I never, ever, ever want that to happen again, I think it's best that I simply tear apart the entire engine to pieces if I want to safely transport it via airline. 

Are these what I would need?

- socket set with torque wrench

- allen key set

- full arrangement of gaskets for the motor and carb since they will be replaced each time the engine comes apart

- caliper to measure gasket thickness (is this absolutely required?)

Is this about it?

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A couple of things spring to mind:

1) are you proposing to pack your engine in component form - and if so do you have assurances from any airline and airport security that they will not reject it? You have already shown that their judgement is entirely subjective and there is no reason to suspect they'd be any more tolerant to dismantled engine components.

2) repeated dismantling and reassembly of the engine and carb is likely to cause damage to seals, wear in threads, leaks at metal to metal interfaces, dirt ingress, lost parts etc.

It would be worth contacting the local paramotorists at you destination and trying to borrow a motor, possibly on a reciprocal agreement basis.


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