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Pap ros 125


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Hi folks 

does anyone know anything about the pap ros 125 ? 

Im looking to buy my first lot of kit and not having the money to buy brand new I've seen the paramotor with 20 hours on the clock , roadster2 wing with 15 hours on it plus a spare prop and a few extras for £2900 . The wing I know is worth more than that alone but I'm curious about the engine . Reliability, price for parts etc 

thanks again for any help 

Scaff mScaff 

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The ros can be a great engine but it can also be a pain in the ass, 

Parts are pretty easy to come by but will probably be direct from Ros italy , I can still get some parts from PAP but only what they have left in stock.

Be wary of a PAP ros with only 20hrs as PAP stopped dealing with the ros quite a few years ago so its highly unlikely that its got 20 hrs, They can be very hard to start with the high compression 

If you want any more advise send me a PM 

Cheers Danny

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I've just recently purchased a roadster2 with 15 hours on it so I'm sorted for the wing . I'm thinking I'll have around ££3000-£4000 for the motor and reserve plus helmet and suit . 

I think I'm going to wait until I do the cp power conversion course at flyspain the end Feb to buy anything though . 

Im just trying to get all the info and best opinions from people like yourself , so I appreciate all the advice 


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