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Non-clutched pilots: can you give examples of times you really wished for a clutch?

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I'm on the fence between getting an Air Conception direct drive Nitro 200 with electric start (with no pull start even installed) or waiting half a year or so for the clutched version of the Nitro 200 to come out. The upsides to the current Nitro is that it's lighter and simpler without a clutch and it's available NOW to fly.

Can people who don't fly with a clutch outline any examples of when you really wished you had a clutch?

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I now fly belt drive paramotors but Here is one small example where a clutch would help. I was flying today and wind was light. when engine was off I could reverse launch the wing easily but once I started engine I struggled due to propeller turning blocking wind. But apart from that I prefer a belt as less to go wrong and I love coming home and switching engine off at a few thousand feet and having a quiet glide down, with a clutch you get noise from a free wheeling prop

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My last paramotor was the Air Conception 130 electric start with clutch. The main point for me was safety. However, I did blow a launch, cut the engine, but the leading edge went into the prop. As it w still spinning it did quite a lot of damage. I now have a nitro 200 electric start and love it. Hit the cutout and the prop stops instantly. I wouldn't go back to a clutched machine, more weight and more to go wrong. However I am very mindful of my startup procedure as a prop strike would be catastrophic! 

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