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ROS 125 Carb Adjustment


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Hi thanks for information - I have had the carb apart for general servicing i.e. Gaskets etc. It seems to be running well - I have the high jet open about 1 1/4 turns and the same for the other jet / throttle plate - it does however seem to when I have started the engine and apply throttle it cuts out sometimes is this maybe because the mixture is too lean and I need to open the high jet slightly?

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Generally yes open hi needle till lean/flat spot is gone . I normally work both jets will setting my carb after a rebuild. (Walbro) you haven't mentioned pop off pressure test after your rebuild ' your at a point were you could wreck your motor while holding full power  just after your feet leave the ground , your gonna give it a go no matter what . So if you get rid of flat spot by opening the hi jet ' open a bit more say 1/8. Or 5mins as on clock face" should get your self a pop test gauge if your going to Dick around with your carb ?

Cas .        Every one will have there own version of the above .     Including plug chop/. Colour check . 

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58 minutes ago, kiwi k said:

Only if you keep pulling them to bits :mrgreen: , but yes i agree money well spent 9_9

I have to admit, I am not a tinker type of guy. I don't know if it's just luck or actually the fact that I just leave things alone, but I have never had to adjust a carb on a machine that I have not touched with a spanner (if that makes sense lol) 

Both the Schools Parajet 80LC with the WB carb and 185 Moster are now well into 40+ hours after this season and I have not had the spark plug out of either of them. 

The first carb that came with the 80lc ended up bonk, fast! but as soon as the WB was fitted 30+ hours ago, It has not been so much as touched. 

I guess I am happy to hear the occasional 4 stroking, I guess I am not massively bothered about how much petrol it uses, I know its not an F1 car or a fighter jet, Its a 2 stroke engine and I am just happy with a few niggles I suppose. 

I should back this up: We have had a school for 12 years now, our first machine snapped its crank at very close to 800 hours!!! guess what??? new crank and bingo still no carb messing and job back on. :-) That Paramotor still exists and it flying today (Parajet Compact Titanium with Parajet 180 engine) 

We have never had a school machine cook on us (apart from when I forgot the oil :-( )

My message... If it ain't broke.... DON'T FIX IT. :-) aimed at no one in particular, this ended up longer than I was expecting lolol (I blame wine o-clock!) 


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