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One on the way for testing :-)

admin (Simon W)

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Unless you have been living in a non-Internet-enabled cave, you’ll probably have you seen the 360º video of the Blue Angels flying in super close formation. It’s taken from the cockpit.


Today, 360º photography and videography has taken a big step with Kodak’s latest PixPro SP360 4K, 


Because you are basically buying 2 cameras to make up this 360 rig, the cost is a little on the (non impulsive buy) type number of £749, and arguably will price most go-pro type users out of the market. 

Personally, I am on the verge of 'something 360' being added to my camera case but I am not sure yet if this is it. 

As luck would have it, I have managed to blag one for a couple of weeks with some cool new software. It should be here in about a week so I will let you know how I get on and of course, pump out some clips for your viewing pleasure :-) 



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And hoopless is well


You can clearly see gopro has weird colors and not very natural view for space price

Kodak 2 x 4K cam wit  10fps in max res.??? For over 700£

Samsung also has 2x4K cam with 30fps in

But yes all cams are not yet there to be really interesting

No one worth 9_9expectation

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Got to be honest here... 

My personal preference would be the Kodak based on the greater dynamic range. The shot looks 100X better than the samsung to me. 

I think that non of the 360 rigs are great at 'record and share' type clips, I would expect to colour grade the shots and edit them as normal. Starting off with a greater dynamic range of colours makes that process easy peasy. :-):-)

On top of that, I don't need or want another phone. (at an added cost of £300 ish)  bringing that unit close to the Kodak in price. 


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