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Pros and cons of a fuel bag? (Versus solid fuel tank)

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What are the pros and cons to a fuel bag that you can just roll up? Obviously one of them is space savings, but might there be any issues I'm not thinking about?

Say you land, take the soft tank off, and fill it at a petrol station. Since it's a soft tank, will the fuel squirt out really easily as you're carrying it back to your motor? 

Does the plastic crease and leak over time?

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A rigid tank should be vented to allow vapour to escape and to allow air to enter as fuel is consumed by the engine. If your tank swells, the vent is blocked.

As Simon says, fuel bags are not intended to be used alone. They are part of a fuel cell system, which has a bag inside a rigid structure. In the event of a crash, the bag can deform as the structure collapses, reducing the chance of fuel leakage.

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