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Apco Split-leg Harness

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Hi - has anyone had any experience with the Apco Split-leg harness? Ideally on a BAILEY V5 matrix but I'm interested in hearing what it's like both on ground (greater ease of movement?) and in the air (does it aid weight- shifting?). Interested also in how well the reserve sits to the side as I'm trying to clear out the front so I've got more room for the camera :) cheers Paul

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Hi Casper

Well I bought one at about the same time I bought my new wing (Speedster 2). Decided to get used to that before changing my set up further and then found I really liked it as it is... haven't tried it yet but it is all set up to go on my Bailey V5 - as I'm really only doing XC I'm not sure I'm going to bother now - haha! (If it ain't broke)...


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Tried it couple of weeks ago in a short 40 min flight.

In comparison with classic SupAir it was not so much comfortable. You just feel that your legs are sort of compressed. 

Then (again, in comparison with SupAir) there is no adjustment to the front edge of the harness which I use as a precise tool for keeping the direction of the flight and which just makes you more comfortable during long cross country flights.

Certainly  there is no pocket underneath the harness (again in comparison to SupAir) which is essential if you need to take oil, etc for cross country.

Surprisingly I did not find that it is easyer to steer with weightshift using split leg then with classic.

The positive thing is that you do not have to make an effort to get into the harness after the take off. It is not a problem for me with the motor I currenty fly (SkyMax compact) but can be an issue with different machines. For someone just starting it can be a paramount thing.

Thats my personal impression and It might be not 100% accurate because of my body shape and previous flight experience with SupAir. 






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I have free flown with split leg...i found them quite comfortable in the air, but they have limited weightshift and are difficult to get out of into hang for landing. Its probably wrong to say one gets out of them, you dont really, its just that i found they resist the pilot trying to get more upright for landing and there is a tendency to want to push against brakes and risers to stay upright (which is not a good thing). I notice my mate who owns the harness demonstrates the same problem when he flies in it too.

I had a mate of mine take one on an siv course...i am convinced the lack of weightshift is too blame for his locked in spiral/sat entry into the water. He was doing a stall, got a crevate and wasnt able to weightshift enough to help prevent escalation into a sat...and hit the water in that configuration, blowing the entire side out of his harness and coughing up blood for the next few days.


I know weightshift is a double edged sword, however, I am not a fan of split leg harnesses for free flying. i havent tried one motoring. I dont say no weightshift just not as food as seat board style.

Having said that i wonder if split leg wouldnt be worth a try on high hang point paramotors...the ability to use leg movements for a little weightshift, where there is zero side to side weightshift, might be useful on those type of units?

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