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Inserting pictures into a post


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1. Start a post as normal. 

2. either drag or browse to the files using the 'choose files...' link at the very bottom of the box you type your message into. 

3. When they are uploaded, click the little + sign on each image to insert it in to the post.

Job done. (no external hosting required) 

You can also upload pics to your gallery https://www.paramotorclub.org/gallery/



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Steve / Simon, I don't get the 'choose file' option.  I am on Windows 10 and have tried MS Edge, Chrome and Firefox.  

I get an icon that says 'Insert other media'.  When I click the icon I get 2 options .....'Insert Existing Attachment' & 'Insert Image from URL'

I would send a screen shot.....................but I can't upload images ;)




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In short, no :-(

The slightly longer version: No one seems to be able to re-create the problem :-( I passed this on to the software company who had the same end result. 

Until we can re-create the issue, it's difficult to solve the problem. Sod's law would suggest on this occasion that it may be a problem local to your system. 

The only thing I can suggest is to update everything as this is how I used to solve my windows issues. (assuming there is one) 

It's basically a link that your not seeing, so likely to be security settings related. (here is that same link for this thread) 

  • choose files...
  • If you cant use or see this, its almost certainly security settings, if you can, its more likely to be windows settings. 


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Hi Simon.  I have tried from another PC (Also Windows 10).  I get the same problem in Chrome, no 'Choose Files' link and the site did not load in MS Edge, I get an Appache server page.  On my PC (Windows 10) the site comes up blank in MS Edge.  Hope that helps narrow it down.

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