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ITV Boxer GT


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I have a boxter gt and I would highly recommend it.My mate flies the same size revo 3 as my GT  and the boxer flies faster ( trims out ) than his revo and lands slower.....He would never admit this as he thinks his stuff is the best .The build quality is second to none. Launch is very easy . Im so impressed im going to make my next wing another ITV.

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I bought a custom color MacPara Charger, got a much better deal than ITV dealer was willing to give. My previous wing was MacPara Muse 3 which I liked so I thought best to stick with known product. In the -15F range here right now so will not be able to fly until at least March. Will report back then.


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Hi all.

I have owned a boxer GT in large for two years now. I have racked up 35 hours on it both foot launch and trike - my preference is the trike. It is a superbly stable wing with only a hint of pendulum sometimes but not enough to notice or worry about and is easily halted with a bit of brake input. In our group there are other pilots who fly the same wing in all of the available sizes and nobody has any complaints only praise. Buy one you won't regret it. 

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