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Fly from city park?

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I have a question for anyone who knows the laws in the US better than I do. I live in a small country town in Minnesota in the US.  All the fields here are covered with crops which makes finding a place to take off difficult. I rediscovered a city park that is basically just a large field with a small pavilion in the corner. There is never anyone there doing anything so I wouldn't be getting in the way.  It would be absolutely perfect for foot launching a paraglider, but I'm not sure if this is legal and don't want to break any laws, or tarnish the name of paramotoring. 

 Can anyone help me with this? If it isn't legal, does anyone in my area have any other suggestions for places I could take off? Thanks!

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@benhowe41 , don't know the US laws, but apart from this please consider some other points :

- neighbours : are there houses close to the park ? The noise from the engine/propeller could easily disturb the neighbours... who will easily dial 911...

-landing spots : for any inconvenience that could occurr immediately after takeoff the lack of a safe emergency landing spot is a bad thing, that could make the difference between a safe emergency landing and a bad injury. Same thing when approaching for landing

So, even if your local laws will allow you to take off and land in that park, please take into serious consideration also the above points.

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