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Parajet Maverick pics. (full article)

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Some pics of the all new Parajet Maverick. @Steve the PMC editor will be writing it up along with some other news from the Parajet team soon. Until then, some nice pictures will have to do. :-):-) 

The Full Parajet Maverick write up his here! 



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We will have a Maverick to test fly at Membury very soon also. PM me for more info pre article :-) 


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@Quinoxyfen honestly, I am not sure that any one unit was in mind when this was conceived.

Basically, the industry (you guys) were asking for it, so they made it :-) 

Fitted with the Moster, Moster+, or Moster Factory. (no other engine options) Hence @cas_whitmore I still think the 80LC is the one for you :-)


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Reviving an old thread here but does anyone know how the mavericks  swingarms are attached? I haven't been able to find any info on the attachment. From the image above it looks like the stress may be distributed on a larger area than most but I can't quite tell. How does it attach to the frame is there still just a bolt taking all the stress that is hidden in there somewhere? 


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