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Do you fly / have you flown from, Knoll Hill, DY10?

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Do you fly a paramotor from Knoll hill (near Kidderminster DY10 postcode) in the UK? Or have you recently flown from there? If so, please contact me when you have a moment. (at this stage I have a polite message to pass on to you from Lord Cobham) who it the owner of the land. 

If you think you know who this is, you will be doing them a huge favour to point them at this message to call me. 

This is one of those situations where a quick chat WILL save a world of poo for the people who fly in that area. 

Many Thanks :-):-) 

07983 428 453 'Simon' 


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Any issues the rest of us should know about? I've flown around that area since deregulation in 96. I think there's a small PM group who fly from Churchill which is nearby. There have been a few reports of low flying in Stourbridge in the past, but never been able to identify the flyer(s).


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