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Got petrol on my wing! Will it dissolve?

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I just came back from a flight on my Ozone Spyder. I laid the wing in a rosette in front of me, got out of my motor, and as I was walking to the car I noticed that the motor had tipped over onto my wing. 

The plastic on my fuel tank is split at the brass fuel line fittings, so it leaks out if the motor is in the horizontal position.

There was a small puddle of fuel on my wing and some inside the cell. 

I did my best to lay it out and even ground handle it a bit to get the fuel to evaporate.

How big of an issue is this? Petrol is a solvent and will dissolve some plastics and compounds. Are our wings chemically inert to petrol, or did I just ruin my brand new wing?

Most of the petrol got on the ultralight fabric layer of the wing.

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1) The wing should have come with a manual. The manual will give guidance relating to contamination of the wing. Failing that, contact Ozone directly.

2) A leaking fuel tank is a bad thing. Dribbling fuel on your wing is an inconvenience and may be expensive. Dribbling fuel on your hot exhaust if you've crashed is a greater concern. Even if you have to replace your tank to fix the problem, it is cheaper than a wing or a fire.

Edit: I would worry less about the effects of petrol than the effects of the ethanol. It attacks most materials.

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