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uk spot wind chart


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can anyone explain the spot wind chart:

I've worked out that the firts column is height and the last column is temp, but the other two I cant quite suss.

can anyone help.



second column is direction in degrees from north and the third column is knots. Thes are extremely useful data but a little to large scale for local detail.

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Francis is right of course,

Surface winds are highly specific to location, the 2000' and winds above probably don't vary much across several counties if there is an established flow. If the winds are very light then they can be all over the place at altitude. If you look at the Met Office Ballooning forecast they give a 2000' wind for instance for an entire region.

If you know from approximately where the wind is blowing and how strongly, you can anticipate what to expect - precision doesn't really matter . The spot wind chart shown is the standard release for general aviation, it will work for paramotoring imho.



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