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Bore Chasers video September 2016 :-)

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A Massive thanks to those who supplied footage to help with this video :-):-) @Tomfisher @rigger @tatumdale 

And of course, an un-measurable amount of thanks to all those who were there!!! (87 pilots signed in and flying!) thanks for being safe! The only person to visit A&E during this weekend was someone who's baby pushed a rice cake into his eye!! Please enjoy, share, and come to the next one! :-) 


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I am not going to pretend I don't feel guilty for grilling you about that LOLOL

87+ people at a fly-in where there is a fast flowing river with a tidal bore, and the only A&E 'event' was a baby/todler, poking a rice cake into 'someones' eye. lolol 

I hope it all panned out OK and that you can still see and stuff :-):-) 


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As it stands, the next PMC Fly-in will be in the Spring, back at the River Severn. :-) I can't fix dates until the tide times are published which I think will happen in November. 

The Spring tides are much larger. :-)

As soon as I have dates, I will create the event in the calendar and send out the link. 


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