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Bore Chasers 2016


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Just back from the Bore chaser and another super Flyin, for those who not attended a Flyin your missing one of the best flyin events, the atmosphere was fantastic I can honestly say what a great bunch of people everyone not just the pilots. As always Nigel's food & bar was open all hours supplying some super tasty food, fireworks in the evening and so so many pilots and partners attending a growing event we soon gonna need a bigger field lol. Many thanks to Gary for the cheeky little fly of his PJ trike and thanks to Simon & Col for putting it all together, although I think I said this about the last one "but it just gets better". 

Looking forward to seeing the Flyin video Simon was busily running round filming. 

Can't wait for the next one. 

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hi all just to say its nice to see other sports enjoying the view of the Severn bore! We were down there surfing under you guys today, anyone get any birds eye pics or footage of the bore? The website www.thesevernbore.co.uk has a gallery if anyone wants to showcase the filming, pics. Also they have a Facebook page, https://m.facebook.com/thesevernbore/?fref=nf everyone is welcome there with bore related stuff.

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I'm Newbie to flyins and still a complete novice, but have to say the event was a well oiled machine, the community of people were great. A real social event and everyone allways ready to help with takeoffs etc. The knowledge you seasoned pilots shared was invaluable, no snobs or elitism here just real down to earth people. Started school in May this year and only wish I started this 10 years ago. This event has put the rubber stamp on me staying with the sport/pastime. A very big thankyou to the PMC team for the time and effort put in, well done Guys. The confidence gained at the weekend with an extra 2 hours under my belt was emense, and the views were awsome. A big thankyou to all supports teams too! See you in April :D

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