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Sena 20s - range help

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I have recently bought and now tried using the Sena 20s instead of a 2m radio. Whilst it has worked perfectly as described, I was a tad disappointed at how the range wasn’t quite as good as expected. My wingman and I seemed to be out of contact for significant blocks of our last flight… as soon as we exceeded a distance of about 400ft. It also seemed to ‘stutter’ when I was using high revs (i.e. climbing). Now it’s meant to be good for 1.2 miles so I wonder if my bulldog moster plug lead is causing a problem (RFI). I believe my plug is the resistor type. If so I wonder if shielding it could help, using something like this:



Is it possible to shield the stator? Has anyone else experience of using the Sena 20s and any advice? Does anyone else shield their plug lead for their radios?


Many thanks


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I'm not really surprised you have experienced the smaller range that you have.

Most 'ranges' are quoted for the best possible conditions, usually open space. Now I know that the space between two PPGs is 'open space' but you have to consider what the Sena 20s actually are.

Blue tooth works in the 2.4GHz band and the signal will be attenuated by your head depending on the side that you are using and the side that your buddy is flying.

Also it uses an internal antenna, never the best for efficient transmission and reception.

Are you getting RFI? A loud clicking interference? If you can't hear any interference then it is unlikely that this is a problem.



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Yes thanks for this Alan. TBH I wasn't expecting miracles, but I understand other people using Sena Bluetooth systems are definitely getting better ranges than we did. Just watch Tucker Gott chatting away merrily in his youtube ppg vids.

On the ground and close up they are brilliant. As the distance increased it was much like a bad mobile phone line (i.e. sounding a bit like you're underwater). We both had the little aerials flipped up to help, but I'm not sure if they improved the situation. 

I think I was hearing a bit of RFI and it definitely seemed to be marginally better when the engine revs were lower. I guess I need to see what other users have found before I risk flogging a dead horse.

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Have you popped up the antenna, on both units?  I find range of 1k-1.5k (mile) works reasonably well, but as Vince says if signal is breaking out you often pick it up again if you turn the head and there is a line of sight between sets.

I find the range is generally good enough as the breaking of the signal means you are leaving your buddies behind!

I started using the SENA gear recently and love the abilty to make clear phone calls etc.

I have dumped all other comms, and wouldn't fly without it now!

Good luck with it.



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