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Solo 210 starter motor.

kiwi k

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Hi, please as title says not bothered at mo if new or used, as mine has shat it guts and disintegrated the armature plus the bendix is cracked also:(, so my guess is it wouldn't of lasted much longer anyway, only good thing is i was doing maintenance work so not caught out while flying9_9.

So any info to gain 1 wether its from cmp or others please post up so i can get another asap thanks Kiwi. 

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wrong info
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Thought somebody might of posted up some Places or numbers or a route to help:( or even picked up on school boy error of dissimilar starters!:oops:

especially as a fellow member pointed me towards PMC as a friendly and helpful site i'm now beginning to think otherwise :shock:

But guess that was my ignorance for thinking it would happen and not doing searches properly in 1st place.


So Quick update :-

But now today having discovered Fiem rotation directions from a very helpful person, who took a lot of time and messages to and fro is hopefully resolving my problem.

As the original post has now been amended and there seems to be light at the end of my tunnel.

If anyone out there uses a Walkerjet paramotor the person in question does spares and is very helpful and goes above and beyond most shops to  help !!!!!

If you need help message Mark  kraus.marek@gmail.com   or visit their site http://wingsforyou.co.uk/  or better known as Virus paramotors.

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Simon having not met you yet but having read several of your posts i'm sure you would of offered advice had you any, i know from  others positive comments about yourself that you do our sport proud and will do so, 


As for meeting you hopefully sometime next year at a fly i will :grin: thanks Kiwi.


plus like you i thought somebody might of commented 9_9

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