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Any idea what this is????

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Spotted this formation of trees a while back, and didn't pay too  much regard to it-    but recently discovered a few more of them.

Its really bugging me now- I'm really trying to figure out what they are arranged in this pattern for.   Anyone I've asked so far, hasn't a clue- infact most people have been unaware of the patterns, as they are not so obvious from the ground.
The one illustrated below is approx 110m x 70m, and the individual squares are around 18m wide.

So far I've only seen them in Tyrone (Northern Ireland), has anyone else spotted them???


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Its probably an up market version of crop circles home made to send messages to any passing extra testicles,or and this is possible, maximum use of land area for sustainable growth of trees of different varieties, just a suggestion, at my age i have problems seeing the wood from the trees :D its an interesting photo though.

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You have the answer there with the 30 year growth, It a classic  neo cubism bit of art created  in a mixture of styles, looked at closely one can see influences of Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp  with undertones of Kasimir Malevich.

Silly me for not spotting it straight away, truly paramotoring is so enriching isnt it?

anyhow its time for my tablet xD


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At last- finally got an answer to the question!!!!

Got a response from Declan Coulter-  DAERA Forest Service- Northern Ireland.

"Nice Pictures! The areas you have picked out are experimental plots of Poplar trees, planted in the early 1990’s. The very geometrical structures were for reasons of experimental replication, so results of growth measurements etc.  could be scientifically compared across different forests and geographical locations.


Declan Coulter

Stewardship Forester"


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