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Walbro-32 carb wanted

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Has anyone got an unwanted Walbro-32 carbto fit a Solo engine cash waiting.Someone gave me a link to a site in Poland for a starter ring cog and there prices are unbeliveably cheep

so i emailed them and have not heard back from them,so any Links would be aprecated? dam spellingO.o

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Big thanks to Dariuszk24 for fixing me up with a WB 32 .I have exsausted all lines of enquiry to obtain the inlet manifold plus air intake trumpet.i emailed info@paramotor.pl who have got everything one could wish for on a solo but they are not answering emails,spoke to Dan Burton about the manifold but he wanted me to send a picture of what i wanted since they fit the bing 84 on there machines .I have reached stalemate so if anyone can give me lead it would be handy.

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Might be worth actually giving them a call if you have a contact number. The other manufacturers that used a solo210 I can think of is adventure, early nirvana, fresh breeze (different carb), pap and I think H&E. So might be worth dropping them an e mail. There was also an American dealer that done a load of spares and upgrades for that motor but can't remember the name think it starts with an M but I'm guessing. Well worth a look around somewhere there is a PDFs manual and exploded drawings also wiring diagram. Used to have them but must have deleted when I changed motor..

Hope that's some help..


Cheers Col..


Mojo's gear I think it is


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Fair play Col your on the money,i just learnt that about an hour ago,thanks anyway,This is where we are up to,Dariuszk has fixed me up with a carb which has got the adjusting screws that you dont have to chase with a screw driver on a viberating engine.Adventure paramotors spain have looked through there discontinued stock and found a Walbro to solo manifold along with a air intake trumpet, they did have an airbox but i thought it would be a bit bulky so i have elected to go down the KN rought,Its been a real faf with email back and forth all day and ended up giving them my card details in three seperate emails stating that it was for a purches that was going to be higher in value than for the parts for which they were going to charge me and that they wanted me to order somthing expensive.so i orderd a new trike fully  fuled ,then they will disregard my order and refer my details to a job reference .to avoid scam emails,clever thought ,having said that i ay got the bits yet and to be honest i couldn,t give a rats ars if i never get them cuz i got a massive thumping head after all this thanks to all who have got me this far

Walbro carb inlet port-solo 210 07-09-2016 001.JPG

Walbro carb inlet port-solo 210 07-09-2016 002.JPG

Walbro carb inlet port-solo 210 07-09-2016 003.JPG

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Hi Kiwi k

Adventure fr have just emailed me to say shipment on the way,lets see wot they send,if they send the plastic spacer if thats what its called then i already have one of them,as you say it has to be ali and there is also another bit like a reducer .if i get problems i will defo drop u a line.and keep you posted:?

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