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New to the UK paramotoring

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Good morning/evening to everyone.

I am happy to join the UK flying community and forum.

Flying from 2011 (originally from Russia) I just started to fly in the UK.

I was specializing on cross country flights, not too long, my maximum is 62 miles.

I fly SkyMax paramotor with Moster 185 engine and Apco Lift reflex wing.

Located at Wirral, Merseyside. I will be delighted to meet local pilots, flying in the area and will be grateful for contacting me.

I plan to make cross country flights in the UK later on this year and will be grateful for some advices:

What web sites do you use to check the airspace and local flying restrictions to plan the flights?

What weather web sites you prefer? I am using WindGuru.cz and it is helpful as you could check the wing to altitude diagram, but will be happy to consider the other options also.

My best regards,




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Thanks a lot!

I would say a lot of matters are ahead - definitely I have to be certified have an insurance to do the cross country. And anoter question will be registration to be able to fly high if necessary. Personal record is 16 900 feet (testing the engine in cooperation with Ru paramotor manufacturer..)

minus 23 at this photo ))normal_2~0.jpg

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