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Solo 210 starter ring


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I can help you get this for you from Poland there still are plenty parts for solo.

For example  here http://paramotor.pl/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=323&category_id=10&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=9&lang=en

Just put another link to work


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first link not work for all
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I have been unable to navigate my way to the link you gave me on the Paramotorclub forum for spares ,also the link that Darius gave me in poland they have got what i want and alot more besides for Paramotors E.C.T. but when i fill in the ask a question part an submit it either they dont reply or its not getting through .I think i will try and copy there email address ,but in addition to doing that i will have to note down the part for which i am making the enquiry about .I am also  after a Walbro 32 along with the adaptor they also have Walbro carbs ,and the prices seem reasonable,but not buying one without the other .Cheers for your help:fail:

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Just put address www.paramotor.pl

But for unknown reason they shiping only to poland

If you can't get this parts somewhere else,then I can help you two.but this take time.(Harvest time)

I have small paramotor service for friends.

Ive got reconditioned walbro wb32 with brand new gasket set and membranes

Of course pop off pressure are set correct is well

Any question on priv please

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