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Custom Air Titanium with Cors-Air Black Devil M25Y electric start motor.

Low hang point with Sup-Air medium harness.

Two part cage that takes 30 seconds to assemble.

Weighs 28kgs dry and has a new 115cm Helix carbon prop which is claimed to produce 65kgs of thrust.

It has a 9ltr fuel tank and comes with 2 additional 3ltr tanks, useful for cross countries.

Starter uses a lightweight 14v Li-Po battery which lasts ages and has a power level indicator and charger.

New Walbro carb fitted May 2014 and just replaced diaphrams and tuned up.

Just had de-coke , no sign of any wear to piston or cylinder bore and new gaskets fitted.

Comes with spare prop , drive belt and a transportation bag.


Will also throw in a bespoke detachable back rack which bolts onto tow ball bracket and doubles as a wind sock pole holder.

You can see this actual machine on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfO4xh0lTeE


I have owned it since 2010 and averaging about 20 hrs a year it has proved to be a very reliable, robust machine and being made of titanium with the prop mounted within the cage it is an ideal machine for a novice or seasoned pilots alike.


It has had a professional repair to the frame and a ding to one cage half due to a prop strike caused by a failed launch.


I’m 95kgs and probably at the top of its weight range when fully fuelled and kitted up , so would ideally suit someone a bit lighter.


Haven’t flown it for the last 18 month due to buying a new V3 with the hope of more economy and performance but there really isn’t much in it.


During that time it has undergone a strip down and rebuild , taking it for it’s first 1 hour test flight a couple of weeks ago it still gets me up no problem and I was seeing a climb rate of 360 ft/min.


The wing that I’m selling with the motor is a Dudek Nucleon classic 29, very easy to launch and a more responsive than a Synth yet still very stable. It’s red/white and has a small repair to the top of one of the cells. Was going to send away for a service over the next winter but now the motor is up for sale the wing can go with it as a perfect set up that you wont need to upgrade any time soon.


I am looking for £3500.00 ono for the lot or may sell separately.


If you would like more info or to view please contact me on 07903 125 155 or email tmarks@live.co.uk

I’m located in Northampton.






tim thumbs up.jpg

2016-07-10 18.56.12.jpg

2016-07-11 19.20.47.jpg

2016-07-11 19.21.13.jpg

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Hi Taff, 

Many use a bike rack and mod it with a sheet of wood. I would say, that if you are doing any distance or even a little bit of distance on a dusty track, it's s super fast way pf making your shiny new paramotor look like a pair of dirty pants very quickly. The dust sticks to the very light film of oil that will be all over your paramotor (or anything else 2 stroke for that matter) 

I used to carry the school paramotors in an open trailer but stopped after about a week for the same reason. 

Cover I hear you say.... 

This will of course create a massive amount of drag when your driving and most likely the wind will be trying to push the paramotor off the back of your car. 

Security is another issue, things like that 'pop in to the shop moment' become as risky as leaving a puppy tied to a post outside a gipsy site.


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Hi Taff,

I custom made the rack to suit the motor. The main part slots onto a separate bracket which is permanently bolted between tow ball and tow bracket.

I could modify the base to suit my V3 but seems a shame to chop it up as I now have a van to transport my motor.

The only downsides I found were that you had to be sure it wasn't going to rain, I felt uneasy leaving it outside shops and pubs on the way home from a flight and as Simon mentioned it could get a bit dusty.

Did try a tarp cover but it got ripped to pieces with the wind blast but on the plus side it's nice to just turn up in a field with a fully assemble machine and just fly.

So on the whole I would recommend one, it's a lot cheaper than a van. 


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