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Mine does this too, quite normal, just the fuel slowly siphoning back into the tank over time.

Blow into the tank via the vent to pressure it up a little, quickly block the vent with your finger then tickle the carb diaphragm until the filter fills up and you see the fuel in the fuel line arrive at the carb. :)

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Hi Dirtybirdg79

  Just read your post,you might get a reply from Spigot because he was the guy who fixed mine,Yea you say you have not got issues with a low filter ,hope it stays that way,though it could be an early sign that the diaphram needs replacing that is what Spigot did to mine after that the fuel level came up and stayed up and it did tick over better ,so in my case it did need replacing,thank,s for the imput anyway:fail:

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