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Newbie from near Norwich, Norfolk

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Hi, Like above just started out many quick night dashes for kiting practice, as yes i have purchased a 2nd hand wing, 1st big mistake as probably bought to big a wing to learn:$ kiting but it's a learning curve 9_9, only looking at gaining experience at the minute and No flying yet.

ill health means no proper training yet but i'm definitely going to before taking to the Sky, so that's why i thought i'll  buy a wing purely to gain ground handling skills , and i'm sure i'm not the 1st to find out it's not that simple, but thankfully each day i am finding it easier and gaining more experience and being rewarded in longer in air flights :fail:

Already learning daily of more people in my area but yet to go watch them fly:coptor:


So once again Hi.

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So what wing have you bought? Don't be embarrassed as a lot of us have been there.

My first wing was far from ideal, but having mastered it a better wing was easier to handle.

You must get to see and meet fellow pilots, you can learn a lot.


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Hi Alan, I got a Gradient Golden 2 Size 30 105 to 130kg as me being 15.5 stone thought it was about right ?, but have been told should of went slightly lower size, but i improve each day i take it for a fly and it was only bought to kite.

But think i'll have it cert'd as its a dhv 1-2 and hardly any repairs and also now know not really a beginner wing :oops:

so i'm keeping my eyes open just in case a nice starter set-up pop's up at a reasonable price, now knowing a newer wing would fly easier and be more likely to recover should or when i need the safety side .


sorry for delay went for a quick kiting session:fail:


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