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Spark plug(Lean or Rich)


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Hey guys,

I'm going to attempt to attach a picture of my spark plug from my miniplane top 80.  It's just been broken in with about 10 hours and I checked the plug to see if I can be sure it's running at optimum temp range and not lean, but to be honest, I have no clue what it should look like.  I looked online, but there's so many contrasting pictures of plugs that I just can't tell.  I am ordering a digital cht sensor, but thought I'd check here too.  Thanks in advance for any help.  



2016-07-19 06.51.47-1-1.jpg

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For a 2 stroke with 10 hours on it, that looks pretty reasonable.

The absence of black deposits on the insulator (white bit in the middle) indicates that the plug is a 'hot' enough grade to avoid fouling.

The electrode (bent over bit) appears to have a slight brownish deposit, like the middle row of Nielzy's chart, indicating correct mixture.

Most of the charts available are for 4 stroke engines. A 2 stroke plug will always show some degree of soot from the oil which is burnt with the fuel. So long as the soot is not staying on the electrodes or the insulator, it's OK.


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