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Difference between a paramotor and a paragliding wing?

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I've asked my instructor this but I wasn't able to get a clear answer. 

For non-reflex wings, what's the difference between and PPG wing and a PG wing?

I have a Gin Pegasus which is basically the Gin Bolero but with trimmers. I use my Pegasus for BOTH PPG and PG. It works fine for both.

- My paramotor allows the use of speedbar anyway, so are trimmers redundant and is using both at the same time unsafe?

- My wing has a second hole for hooking through the carabiners on a paramotor that's slightly higher than the normal PG carabiner hole.

- Besides trimmers, how else does a PPG wing differ from a PG wing?

- If I fly a normal PG wing on a paramotor with speedbar, what am I going to feel differently?

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Trimmers have exactly the same effect as speedbar. However your trimmer range is probably less than the speedbar range (about 30% of total speed bar range possibly).

You can fly with your wing with trimmers fully open, and speed bar fully on - that will be as fast as you can go. You will be closer to having a collapse, and the wing will not be certified in this position (trimmers open). I suspect you will end up flying you Pegasus always with trimmers open 3 cm or more (makes it better for take off, landing, flying in every way on a motor).

The 2nd hole on the risers for a high hang point machine (if you have one).

Speedbar is a pain in the arse to fly around with on all the time. It basically has to be fully on so that you can lock your legs straight. It is much heavier than flying with a speedbar on a paraglider (as the weight you are flying with is possibly double that of when you free fly). Trimmers are much easier and safer (no lines to catch prop).

Flying your Pegasus with trimmers is ideal on a motor when you first start. After a while you will want more speed and compared with flying with a reflex wing, flying a paraglider wing is like dragging a sail through the air. It is more efficient though, easier to launch, etc etc.

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