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Considering paramotoring

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Hi Mike, and welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-) 

I am sorry to say that the boarders is a little thin on the ground for Paramotor instructors. Indeed our closest one to you is in Humberside. :-( 

There may be someone in that area that I am not aware of though... (watch this space as I am sure someone will pop up if there is) :-) 

May also be worth checking out the Members map and adding your location to that https://www.paramotorclub.org/membermap/

Again, welcome! 


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I live near Berwick, there are 2 of us flying ppg in Berwick, if you pm me your number I can let you know when I'm off out and have a chat about training, I'm not an instructor but I can show you the kit and give you some contact numbers, 

looking at the weather it may be fly able tues or Wednesday 

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Hi Mike,

Have you tried www.cloudbusters.co.uk on 07899 878509? They fly from Tinto Hill near Glasgow according to their site. Hope that helps.


I live near Barnard Castle and travel about 0230hrs to train with Hull Paramotors. They are a great bunch of people and their training in my opinion is fantastic.

A few things I feel are relevant regarding instruction:- go with an instructor who spends a lot of time chatting to you about this sport, who makes you feel completely at ease and who doesn't immediately try to get you to part with your money...if you have confidence with your school you will probably want to buy your gear from them anyway.


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