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How "standardized" is the equipment of PPG?

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I'm wondering how standardized the equipment of PPG are. Are there industry standards for replacement parts, mounting points, etc, or is it all pretty proprietary/custom to the manufacturer?


My guess: 

Engine parts are standardized? Since they're just regular 2-strokes? What about, say, replacement belts?

Carburetors and clutch units should be standardized I'd imagine.

Engine mounting points? Can you take any engine and mount it on any frame?


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Engines are engines (most use different mounting points though) 

There are a small handful of different carbs (all of which are off the shelf) 

There are some that chop together but in essence people / manufacturers tend to use slightly different techniques. 

The Parajet Zenith is about the only one I can think of that has been designed to lob just about any existing engine into it that you like.


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