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Cornwall Paramotor Club

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Anyone fancy starting a club/group in mid Cornwall, there's a few of us down here but no clubs. We have found a microlight club that will let us fly from their fields for a yearly fee of £25 and are happy for us to be there. Any one interested can email me and i'll forward the emails from the microlight club with details etc,  cheers Matt


07534 921 531

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Matt is talking about the Davidstow Flying Club (DFC) at Davidstow airfield.  It was solely a Microlight club with 4 active members until  about 18 months ago and I arrived.  Now it has increased in membership by nearly three fold :-)

I've just taken over as the PPG coordinator for my sins - so if anybody would like more information about the DFC, please PM me on this forum or use the details below.

Visitors are welcome of course at a cost of £5 per day, but I'm afraid a club member needs also to be present. There is a MC member living nearly at the end of the runway and he counts guys going out and coming back home away :-)

Anyone interested - let me know



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Hello Gents. I know this thread is a few years old, but is there an active paramotor club at Davidstow Airfield? If there is, Please could you let me know how to join and get involved. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!


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Walt - PM sent.

Most information about Davidstow is on our WIP website 'DavidstowFlyingClubClub.org'.

We have now, a social club with 15 PPG members and more Microlight guys, (with a couple of motorised hang gliders).

It is still growing, with flying-ins and social events hoping to go ahead this year still.



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I´m also a new member to Cornwall all be it a bit remote :)

The site is fantastic and the members a very social bunch with good local information.

The PPG membership is good value even for the ocasional visitor like me.

They have a pace set for PPG and the team manages a website with plenty of info, check Tonys link.

A short clip of my Christmas trip and all within 20 mins of the airfield.



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