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Time to say hello

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Hi all

Been lurking around here for the last month so thought it was time I said hello.

So why paramotoring? Several years ago I used to fly R/C models from a field [seige Cross near Thatcham] that was also used by small aircraft and microlights. I was fascinated by these machines and once managed to get a ½ hour flight in a microlight. This was a fantastic experience and I can still remember every second like it was only yesterday. I then had to make a conscious effort to keep away from these things or I knew I’d get hooked on something that I had neither the money the space or the time to get involved with!! I then returned to my main interest of dinghy sailing.

Anyway a few months ago I saw one of these kite things with a motor strapped onto the blokes back flying near our house and thought ‘that looks fun’ but never really thought much more about it. [i’ve since discovered that it might have been Ross as I’ve been told he flies from that field, off Priors Court Rd, Hermitage]. Then on a recent trip to the model club to see a few friends, there were 2 more of these strange machines flying around. When I got home I typed “kite with motor” (and other such strange terms) into Google and discovered they were called paramotors. I then discovered that various ‘adventure’ type companies offered a 1 day taster course, so my wife said she would buy me one of these taster days for my birthday (I’m still not sure whether she was joking, but it’s too late now!). I started to find out a bit about paramotoring and decided that now I had a bit more time and money I would go back to the flying/model club the next week and do a bit more research. I got talking to the 2 pilots, Dave and Phil, they were very helpful and showed me all their kit and very briefly how it worked and that was it…..hooked!!

So since then I have been trawling the web for as much info as I can possibly find. I’ve come across this fantastic forum which has been a great help and have also been trying, with a small degree of success, to loose weight and get fitter! I have now formulated a plan of attack for my venture into the world of paramotoring.

1. Buy a new set of bathroom scales (the present ones read far too high, I can’t possibly weigh that much!)

2. Sign up to this forum – done

3. Do as much research as possible and find out loads of info about wings, motors, equipment, rules & regs, weather, etc. etc.

4. Try to get fit! Not easy as 50 years of lager and indians have taken their toll but I have started cycling several miles each day and there is some slight improvement!

5. Buy a GPS – done. Only a cheap one from Ebay and probably no good for flying but why turn down the chance to buy a new toy! Hopefully, just getting used to using a GPS will be of some help and it tells me how far I cycle.

6. Remind the wife to organise my birthday present! Anyone any ideas where is the best place to go for a 1 day introduction? :?:

7. Practice ground handling. This would appear to one of the most important parts and if I can get a bit of an idea how it works before I go on my taster day I think it should help. So does anybody know where I can get a cheap training wing or an old unflyable wing to start practising with? :?:

8. Go on taster day

9. Get myself over to Simons place at Lambourne, which luckily is only a couple of miles up the road from me. Get sorted out with some proper instruction and work out what kit I need, etc. etc. etc. (Can’t wait for this but think I need to do all the above first!)

10. Resource a bulk supplier of props!!!!!!!

Just re-read what I’ve written above, my god, don’t I woffle on!! :lol: Anyway if anyone has any thoughts, comments or suggestions on anything written above then all contributions will be gratefully received and I look forward to meeting some of you at Lambourne in the near future.


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Hi Nygel

Point nine should be your no1 priority, forget everything just pop over to Lambourn, see Simon teaching us lot and you will be on your way to getting air under your feet :D but continue doing your research, especially when the weather is poo

Welcome - you are in the right place.

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Hi Nygel,

I can give you a taster day :D pop over the next flyable day and I will give you day 1 of the course.

I know a guy who has a house at Greenham Common who we can get a cup of tea off as a landing spot :D


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