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Bailey V5 and gliders for sale

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Sailing the west coast of Scotland beckons and I am reluctantly selling my Ppg kit.

I have an upgraded (by Paul) V5 which has performed perfectly for the <40 hours I've given it up here in the Highlands. Easy start, reserve, and 15ltr std red tank. 

Prop has a chip (filled) and cage has a corresponding wee ding. Sign of a good time. Not failed a launch for 3 years. Irony- brand new prop and ding! 

Gliders available are ReAction 29 well used and my slalom flying choices still. Neuc 31, my favoured choice up here for stability and bomb-proofness probably about 60hrs. And an Ozone speedster 26, which is amazing (I overshot landing several times its sooo floaty) but I'm not familiar/current enough on it for the mountains. 6 hrs.

I've a dual too Edel. Really nice for pg not sure about Ppg.

I can drive down to meet you part way (Lakes M6 services?) 

All kit works perfectly and I'll demo how the easy start works (!) for you, the gliders can be opened up and checked over too. If I were using this kit more regularly I would not be selling. I feel a bit sick but the time has come and I have photos and GB team experiences to smile over.


cheers Neil 

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