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Accessories - Musts and Must Avoid

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Go for the stuff that designed for flying...   There are other brands out there but you always get what you pay for, buy cheap buy twice..  A local new pilot bought a Helmet with ANR cups, copy of the Icaro helmet. the Ear seals keep falling off and the cups keep detaching from the helmet..  Stick with Icaro or micro avionics as they are quality and have good support if things do go wrong.. 

My personal choice for gloves vary, Mc Wets for summer, Very thin, great grip, my go to glove for Slalom comps... Summer XC's i use the Gin summer touch tech. and for those colder days the Gin winters... 


Nirvana hot 5's are great gloves for the winter days.. 

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As an alternative for gloves, I highly recommend Bike Hut all weather gloves from Halfords! Seriously... I have been using them for winter flying for years. They are super warm, hard wearing, tight fitting (so you have good dexterity - you can tie your laces wearing them!) and they are only £15 from Halfords. Seriously, give them a go. For £15 you can't go wrong. 

Medium: http://www.halfords.com/cycling/cycling-clothing/cycling-gloves/bikehut-all-weather-gloves-medium

Large: http://www.halfords.com/cycling/cycling-clothing/cycling-gloves/bikehut-all-weather-gloves-large

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