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Another donation for Dorset and Somerset.


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Big thank you to foxyuk digging holes out there in Brazil!

The portal is barely opened and folks are generously supporting the charities and the adventure.

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Will take you to a page which has all of the just giving links on it ( except for the Conwall one at the moment )

I have presented the concept to the Cornwall charity people but apparantly "Justgiving" charge a hefty monthly subscription and take 10% of all donations. The charity think this is a bit excessive, not suprisingly. Perhaps Justtaking might be more fitting!!!

There are other donation sites/companies that charge lower subs and take 3% of donations.

Sharon, the office manager, is approaching the people that make decisions (excecutes) and asking again.

I am neither employed by or work for the charity, I just do odd talks and appear at events etc so have no decision making input. And of course work on it employed by South West Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Hopefully they will get on board with this "justgiving" thing for this event, perhaps a seperate link to another giving site could be used???



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The use of Just giving was arbitrary (in fact they take 5% according to my researches) but if we can get this set up using a different collector please go for it. We can easily ammend the system. Please bear in mind that it needs to

1. be transparent and that we dont have to or be seen to touch the money

2. account for the donations individually so we can tot up who gave what at the end

3. run itself without too much admin.

The biggest difficulty is that we have to arrange separate collection for each charity and account for and display the ongoing and end result in a single web page. So far only this system ticks all the boxes but if there is a better one.........please design it or suggest it and I will re-do it

Edit [ re using another site just for cornwall] yes it could work but the on-page widget would not be the same, it would depend on the facilities of the site you chose. All the other Ambulances we are supporting are using this collector.

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What a donation is worth

Donating online is one of the most efficient ways of supporting your charity. All donations are processed by Justgiving and the true value of a donation is clearly explained below.

Justgiving charges a 5% transaction fee (+VAT) on gross donations (i.e. your gift plus 28% in Gift Aid tax reclaim). Our processing partner Barclays applies a 1.34% - 1.4% fee for credit cards and 22p or 23p for debit cards.

Justgiving automatically reclaims tax on every eligible donation, so a typical £10 donation is worth £11.93 or £11.85 to the charity (for credit and debit cards respectively).

Credit Card Debit Card

Donation £10 £10

Tax Reclaim £2.82 £2.82

Transaction fee 5% £0.64 £0.64

VAT @ 17.5% £0.11 £0.11

Credit Card fee

@ 1.34% for Visa

@ 1.4 % for MasterCard £0.14 -

Debit card fee:

22p for Switch/Maestro/Solo

23p for Visa Delta/Visa Electron - £0.23

Total cost to charity £0.89 £0.98

Net donation £11.93 £11.84

Justgiving not only helps charities reduce fundraising costs, but it also cuts collection delays by sending donations every week into charities' bank accounts

However you look at it collecting money costs money. It appears the credit/debit card companies take a cut also. I did not know there was a monthly subscription for your charity to pay also!

I guess "charity" is big business.

I will stick to

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All the other Ambulances we are supporting are using this collector.

Hopefully Cornwall will do the same. I will speak to them again tomorrow advising of 5% not 10%. 90% (95%) of something is much better than 100% of nothing!!!!

Francis, I think your work on this thing is fantastic. I wouldn't have a clue where to start in setting up links on a web page etc or indeed anything like that :? .

The great thing about a diverse mix of individuals involved in something as complex as the tip to tip and all that goes with it is that everyone has knowledge or skill on a subject that will contribute to achieving the mission. Im sure that this will become more apparant on the actual tip to tip flight.

Wish the weather would improve :( .


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Hi Richard, All...

Dont forget that you will still get the same % as everyone else from the Corporate sponsorship fund, it's not all doom and gloom.

Hey why not suggest that they get an account for a 2 month trial or something?


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If it was easy everyone would be flying tiptotip for sponsor money. This is a minor pimple on a tiny glitch. All will be well. By the end of next week there will be a donation widget on the totals page or i will change my tag line to....... "Cup of tea Dear?"

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Hi Team.

Just spoke to fundraisers again about justgiving. They charge £15 a month and take 5% of donations but due to other fees about 88p for every £10 donated is removed.

http://www.justgiving.com/Statements/ab ... _works.asp

They are considering it. I have asked them to hurry. They may ask if they can include a link to a different system. Ive a feeling that they will find that they all charge the same and will go with it in the end.

Im meeting with them tomorrow so will push for it again.



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I looked again at Cornwall's donation system on their website expecting a credit or debit card means of donating but all they have is a printable form for mailed in donations and direct debits.

I did not realise that there is a 15 a month subscription. The other air ambulances had all already decided they will go with that but I dont want Cornwall to feel they have to for our sake. I can set up a paypal system that pays directly into their bank account but will have to update their totaliser manually on the totals page. Also it relies on my integrity as I will have access to the account so does not hit the criteria I have set for this system. If Cornwall go for a JustGiving solution we will need to ensure we raise 6 months subscriptions i.e. £95 (before 5% deduction) for this charity before we start contributing to their fund. Once we hit 95 quid every subsequent donation will have 5% deducted. This is only really cost effective for ornwall if they use Just Giving for all their collecting from now on OR we raise shedloads more than 95 quid for that charity.

NB as Simon says this is completely OTHER than the money they will get from the corporate sponsor side of things, this is purely the 6 pilots' own sponsors and other donors from around the world contributing.

Dont forget the Dorset and Somerset have benefited by 150 already and we havent even started going national let alone global!!!!!!!!!!!

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