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The Cost Off Green

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I have a super field based not far from Southend Airport in fact we fly within controlled airspace with permission from ATC we have a supurb relationship with our farmer all things great. Our farmer neighbours recently sold his soul and allowed a solar energy farm to be built on the next field to ours which I can only say looks an absolute eyesore how an earth this is allowed is beyond belief it's a monstrosity compleatly ruining the perfect scenery if this is the cost of been green well I can't see any point a total waste of money and resources. The only thing I can see of any use is that we can see it from miles away and it's a target to help is aim for home. 

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whilst driving down M4 to membury ' that is exactly how i feel acres of solar panels along the motorway corridor.

it feels its more about the money than the environment. i want to put a little workshop in my garden, council on me like a rash 

perhaps if i make the roof out of solar panels it'll be ok .Mmmm.

cas . 

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I think you may find that this changes a little later on in the summer. :-) 

They are no where near as thermic as one would be excused for thinking that's for sure. We had a science geek on the field learning to fly and he suggested that they are designed to absorb and 'use' the heat rather than reflect it or release it which kind of makes some sense. 

Look on the plus side mate: At least it was not a wind farm :-):-) 


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