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Replacement parts and servicing for a ROS 125?


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I know that people here don't like the ROS 125 motor and I'm concerned as well, especially because some websites say that replacement parts are hard to come by.

Unfortunately, I'm in New Zealand and I want to do a paramotor course and purchase a lightweight motor. The only option available to me is a Backbone Stronger 125 that uses the ROS 125 engine selling at $5,500 NZD / $3,730 USD, which I think is a good price.

Because of this, I feel like I'm kinda funneled into getting the ROS 125 and will just have to deal with any shortcomings it has. The instructors selling it say they've never had problems with the motor.

How easy will it be to service and get parts and repairs on this kit?

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Not trying to be smart....but surely the instructor that is trying to sell you this motor would be the best person to ask regarding spare parts and maintenance etc. 

If they can't supply the spare parts, find a dealer who can, or ask the instructors where they get their spare parts.


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