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Welcome to Croatia !


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Hello PPG fans !

Welcome to Croatia.
Here come a season of good weather to fly.
If you plan to spend your holiday in Croatia, here is an opportunity to fly over this beautiful country.
Croatia is a small country for a great holiday. The diverse landscapes will not leave you indifferent.
Beautiful fields, forests, mountains and coastline with 1000 islands is waiting for you. Take the opportunity to try numerous dishes of food from different parts of the country.
Meet people who like PPG sport as well as you.

PPG flying in Croatia is allowed up to a maximum height of 1000 ft above the ground.
Above cities and populated areas the minimum height is 300 ft above the ground.
For take-off, you can use any field unless the owner prohibits it and of course that is not planted some crops. It is forbidden to fly in CTR zones. PPG license is welcome.

If you do not have the PPG equipment, we can offer high quality rental equipment at very reasonable prices. All equipment has a valid certificate.

Once again, welcome to Croatia!

Best regards.
Paramotor Croatia team

Darko Trsinar
gsm: 00385 98 359 780

Rent complet 1:
Fresh Breeze - Simonini mini 2 + Sky paragliders-Fides

Rent complet 2:
Fresh Breeze - Simonini mini 2 + Skywalk-Scotch

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Sorry Simon, I have no more rental equipment. For now I only have PPG tandem equipment.

Business with rental was stony-broke :-(  There are not enough customers.

During the summertime I am on the island of Rab, perfect place for PPG.

You can see some of my pictures and video clips on my Facebook page: Paramotor Croatia



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