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Ground Handling


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Sooo much nicer posting on a posh new website. :) Nice one Simon, thanks for the hard work that I'm sure it took to update your site.

Anyway,I have decided after 500hrs+ of PPG flying that it's about time I started to do some ground handling. 

The way I look at it, is ultimately we only sustain the things we enjoy doing, so I want to find a way to turn ground handling into a bit of a 'too-much-wind-to-fly' hobby. This means I need to find a wing that is small enough to use on a really windy day without it trying to kill me, but also big enough to be able to progress into all the enjoyable aspects of ground handling that you see on the 'Ground Handling' videos.

My 1st port of call was the 12m training wings that a few manufacturers make (Bug, Merlin etc). Anybody have any experience of these wings for my purposes that they could share?

However, now I'm thinking that maybe a proper 'flying' wing in a super small size might be more appropriate like a speed wing or a 16/18m paraglider wing).

I'm struggling to find much info on the web about this.

Probably not important, but I weigh 85kg's and currently fly a Niviuk Link 27 and Pap Thor 250.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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4 hours ago, Stratosphere said:

Look up Little Cloud.

Thanks for that Stratosphere.

I've just spent some time this morning researching Little Cloud Paragliders. They look like a lot of fun, and with a 16 or 18, I would have a wing which I could use for actual flying in windy conditions..... maybe :-

A good acrobatic paraglider friend who has some experience of these little wings confirms that they are very good. He did however point out that they are not fantastic for practising ground handling due to their short lines and therefore inherent stability.

The way I'm thinking is that I'd rather have a nice stable ground handling wing that is more likely to be fun, which in turn would motivate me to use it more, and in windier conditions.

Stumping up £1600 on the other hand is less motivating :( 

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Wow, that was a quick decision....

I've just ordered a brand new Niviuk Zion mini wing 17m Blue. £890 :)

It looks perfect for my needs. Ground handling fun, flying with my Thor 250 and maybe a bit of Paragliding.

Just need to get a harness now. I've been looking at the Oxygen 2, but any suggestions would be appreciated.



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