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Paragliding or Paramotor? I'm thinking PPG

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I've been obsessed with the idea of learning to paraglide for the last year or so and have done as much research/reading and forum lurking as I can and have come the conclusion that it may not be all I'd hoped for, PPG however might be.

The famed parawaiting, long drives and British weather and long drawn out training have put me off and I'm sure, but not certain that PPG would allow more airtime.

It's more expensive but it might pay for it's self in the long run.

I think I could get PPG training for around 1k but don't know what I'd be paying for second hand entry level kit?

I'm based in Oxford, my nearest listed trainer on the BHPA website has gone to Spain full time so need a school too.

Someone sell PPG to me, I need the nudge away from PG, I'm even starting to think that PPG is safer too?

Let me know the score!! :coptor:

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Hi and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

I think there are many of us on here that 'used' to Paraglide. :-)

We are a full time school based at Membury Airfield (Near Swindon) :-)

Please do give me a buzz any time... happy to chat to you about this epic means of getting about.

Again Welcome. (my number is below)


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Paragliding is better...

..when your actually doing it!

I used to make a 200 mile round trip over a several year period from Northampton to the Peak District. I had a few fruitless trips but a few great weekends. Paramotoring is far more convenient and reliable although the noise is a necessary evil but one accepts it. Being able to choose where you fly and land is great especially flat areas where paragliding is out.


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Whilst I have no experience paragliding I can talk about paramotoring.

I have had 4 flights now so I'm still very much a novice under tuition.

My tuition has been through SimonW and his instructors and I would totally recommend them.

If you are serious then give Simon a call, he's a top bloke and genuinely introducing people to this amazing sport.

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The difference between paragliding and paramotoring is almost like the difference between cycling and motorcycling! Or maybe sailing and motorboating!

They are both equally dangerous in their own way.

Paramotoring is about taking off and usually landing in the same place. You can usually turn up when you want to fly and fly, then drive back home. You don't need to drive miles to get to the best hill. The best conditions are at the start and end of day, when it's non thermic. Flying low and fast is more fun on a motor than flying high and slow (I think). Motoring is more expensive.


Paragliding is about going on an adventure where you don't know where you'll end up. You can spend many hours driving around chasing the best conditions - sometimes getting them, sometimes not. Typically you go out for the whole day and get back late if you are flying XC. The best conditions are when it's thermic in the middle of the day, but you can ridge soar at other times. The sport of paragliding is learning to free fly, and use thermals to get to cloud base. To get good enough at paragliding to fly XC requires loads of hours (driving, waiting and flying).


Personally I think motoring is more accessible as you can get airtime more quickly and reliably.


I personally like them both in their own way.... but motoring and free flight have more differences than similarities.

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