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Restricted Airspace - Helicopters only?

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Hi, near me there is a restricted airspace;

R432 Frankland/Durham


Helicopter Restriction

Surface to 2200ALT

EG R432 Frankland/Durham

The Restricted Area applies only to helicopters.

Flight permitted by any helicopter operated by or on behalf of a police force for any area of the United Kingdom.

I was told by my instructor that any R Airspace is restricted to Paramotorists, but the description confuses me as it says the restriction only applies to helicopters, so, can I enter the area?



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I just spoke to the ATC on your behalf to confirm what I suspected.

Basically your good to go :-) :-) The ruling is to exclude helicopters and thats all.

They have no issue with Paramotors flying in the area.

She asked though if you would be able to let them know when your flying on 01522 727 451

Have a nice flight.


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