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Easter Bunny.....


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OK, Sticky situation at the moment... Want to buy stuff. As a newbie (if you are not I'd rather listen to you) what would you go for first?

Must be hardware. (Aunt doesn't want to kill me)

Needs to be kinda computery (to keep Uncle happy)

Imagine you had been given £1000 to spend on a flight deck.... What would you do???

Help Please..

Kind Regards

Flying Monkey

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Thought about the old Helmet Cam - Firebox are doing a nifty little bit of kit for just under a ton which records to Flash. but pics look a bit shoddy from what I can see.

If anyone out there has any PSP knowledge I'd love to hear - Argos are now advertising the GPS attatchment, and with the Go! Camera that could be a total suite. -Bit scared that the GPS software might be a bit Mickey Mouse though.

Any thoughts?? :?::?::?::?:

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I would swap it for 'my' map and a 'magnetic' compass.



I'm lucky enough to have enough 'tin kit' to last anyone a lifetime. If you fancy a bit of nightflying then let me know... All I'm after is a bit of advice, I'd rather not blow a load of cash on something I know nothing about.

All in one, or separates??? Suunto as a watch or PC GPS or frontal lobotomy? Can't decide (through total lack of advice) Any help.....

Thank you

FM :)

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An aviation based GPS device (Garmin 96C), so you don't bump into controlled airspace, an airband radio (plus a course to get your airband licence) so you can talk to those nice boys and girls in ATC. A nice comms helmet, perhaps with bluetooth built in and a base model vario so you can soar and save your fuel :)

Bear in mind, this is MY newbie wish list, and I've not even flown (a paramotor) yet!

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